Stephen Beckstead commented that the training requirement for use of force and avoidance would be gone if permits were not required ("Both sides hitting Herbert on 'constitutional carry' gun law," March 19). The training is already gone. I am a retired military officer with 25 years active duty and have been a corporate trainer. I decided to get a concealed firearms permit and attended the requisite training with a "certified" instructor.

We listened to 20 minutes of the "certified" instructor telling us about his qualifications and experience. Then he ragged on President Obama and how the country was going to the dogs. He told us how he almost shot his cat one night when the cat woke him. Then he told us how he almost shot his son-in-law another night. Now we knew that he was "certified"... a certified gun nut. Then he spent considerable time decrying the policy of "the predominant" church's stance on gun carrying. In between all of this he covered the bare minimum about gun safety and the law. I have since talked to many who have had a similar experience. Approve the constitutional carry, and put the training on a state-sponsored website.

Mike Johnson

West Jordan