Almost half of American households don't pay any federal income tax, according to CNNMoney.

Guy on the bus: "Why the huge federal debt? I couldn't run my household that way."

Me: "O.K., how do you run your household? Do you have a mortgage?"

Guy: "Yes."

Me: "How much do you still owe on your student loans?"

Guy: "Uh, a lot."

Me: "Did you borrow to buy your wife that car she uses to go to work?"

Guy: "Yeah."

Me: "If you add up all that debt, how does it compare to your annual income?"

Guy: "Oh, it's like more than five years of income."

Me: "The federal debt is equal to about one year of its income. Sounds like you're five times as irresponsible as the government. I'm sure glad we don't run the country the way you run your household."

Breck England