As a retired U.S. Air Force officer, I was appalled to read that the Utah Legislature passed a bill that would allow people in this state to carry concealed weapons without a permit ("Senate endorses bill allowing concealed guns to be carried without permit," March 12). Such legislation is simply ludicrious.

I am not opposed to adult citizens in Utah, or anywhere else in the U.S., possessing guns. But to flagrantly carry such weapons is asking for trouble. There are law enforcement officers to respond to urgent needs of our citizens when crises threaten us. But to bypass such individuals is certainly asking for trouble. Citizens in Utah should rely on the above officers — not take justice in their own hands.

I am not opposed to weapons per se. During my 30-year career in the Air Force, I qualified as an expert with the M-l6, the 38 and 45 weapons. But I am strongly opposed to think that any of our citizens in Utah are carrying any such weapons without a permit to do so.

Ironically, I see that a U.S. Senate panel today approved gun background checks. I approve of such action at the federal level and hope that similar action will be passed in Utah as soon as possible.

Harold Nufer