Keith Johnson, Deseret News
Olympus Correctional Facility near the Utah State Prison.

We are back talking about the Utah prison again. No one developer will be satisfied until they get a share of the land on which the prison sits.

When I was drafted in WWII and came to Fort Douglas, the prison was in Sugar House and people were clamoring to move it. That was not so long ago.

Now, let's move it again, you say. In my humble opinion, since we are always going to have a Utah prison, then let us get it moved once and forever. But where?

There are only two choices: Stansbury Island or Carrington Island in the Great Salt Lake. Both are easily accessible from the I-80 freeway. Both could be purchased with fewer dollars than anywhere but the desert, and both would be out of sight of all the people who clamor to have the prison moved out of their back yard.

DeWayne L. Harding