Boo Reiser's interesting assessment of attitudes and opinions about Obamacare, aka ACA ("What's in a name? Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act," March 3) is helpful but somewhat overlooks important realities. People always want the good stuff; they just don't always want to pay for it. Unlike the piece by Don Kusler ("Will the ACA spur economic growth?", March 3), bearing reasonless platitudes extolling invented virtues of the ACA, Reiser helps us see our own hypocrisy.

However, there was no mention of the tidal wave of economic and political consequences of allowing an organization (federal government) that has never efficiently handled any business to essentially take over an industry and unreasonably mandate a host of stipulations about health care, while disregarding costs and including many "riders" (hidden taxes, exclusionary mandates, care structures, and so forth). Several of the down-side effects were mentioned in the more realistic piece by Grace-Marie Turner on the same day ("Affordable Care Act: Consumers, businesses will face new burdens with Obamacare," March 3).

Renaming Obamacare may garner wider Utah support; however, I submit that a more foundational issue is that of educating opinions to include a broader, farther-off look at things.

Allan South