Brittany Jones and Austin Spitler proposed to one another the day Spitler returned from his LDS mission.

Not many missionaries come home to a flash mob. On top of that, most do not get engaged on the same day they are released from mission service.

But that's exactly what happened to Austin Spitler.

Spitler met Brittany Jones at a young single adult conference in 2010. The two became close and Spitler figured the next step for their relationship was marriage. One day in church, however, he felt strongly that he needed and wanted to serve a mission for the LDS Church. Although Jones had never considered a mission before, she also felt a desire to serve. They submitted their mission papers together and left for the MTC three weeks apart, Jones heading off to the El Salvador San Salvador mission and Spitler to Everett Washington.

They kept in touch through letters, emails and by talking to each other on voice recorders.

Jones returned from her mission in September. They both could see that things were moving toward marriage, and Spitler asked Jones to marry him in a letter.

Around December, one of Jones' friends showed her a video of a flash mob proposal. Jones talked to her mom, who works for Southwest Airlines, and they enlisted the services of JD Byrum who had choreographed flash mobs at Southwest in the past.

When Elder Spitler arrived at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, he expected to see Jones and some family members. Because he had limited time and resources on his mission, he spent free time carving a mahogany ring for Brittany. He planned to give the ring to her at the airport.

A flash mob greeted him instead. After a few moments he realized they were dancing for him.

Then he saw Jones.

"When she came walking out, everything else just kind of disappeared," Spitler said.

Jones sang "I think I wanna marry you," along with the Bruno Mars lyrics playing in the background.

As they approached each other, Brittany pulled a ring box from her jacket.

"I've waited two long years for you. I would wait for eternity to have you as my husband," she said, breathlessly. "Will you marry me?"

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After saying yes, Austin had a surprise of his own: the wooden ring he made. On bended knee, he proposed in return.

"Although my mission was two-years long and I was away, it almost feels like we never left each other," Austin told the Deseret News.

They will get married on April 9 — the third anniversary of when they met — in the San Diego temple.

Since Spitler's return, the two have spent time together and agree that it feels like he never left.

"I can't believe he's actually here. I feel like I've been waiting forever to see him. ... I couldn't have planned for anything better," Jones said.