My good friend and her husband were hit by a car while taking a morning walk last week. According to the Spectrum story in St. George, witnesses reported seeing a driver looking down, possibly using a phone, and striking another car, sending it out of control into the two pedestrians from behind. He was killed almost instantly. She was horribly injured and was life-flighted to UVRMC in Provo where she continues to heal.

Distracted driving needs to stop — whether texting or looking at smart phones, applying makeup or whatever. A good man is dead, a sweet woman is critically hurt and family and friends are devastated all because someone was distracted while driving. We live in an instant gratification world — we think we have to have answers now so we send and respond to non-urgent texts while we drive. And somewhere near our several-ton vehicle is someone who could lose his or her life in a split second. Please don't text and drive; stay focused and tell others to do the same. There is no message more important than your life or someone else's life.

Kaye Nelson