Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
Bradley Biddulph 7, wearing glasses with special filters to help him with his dyslexia does an exercise to help him learn his letters at the Davis Dyslexia Center in Pleasant Grove.

Utah does not have dyslexia laws that can do early intervention to help the dyslexic population within the public schools. Dyslexic children with lack of support feel unintelligent because many teachers often label them as lazy and unmotivated. Many of them are sent to special education classes where there are other students with other issues like autism and behavior issues and they do not get the attention they deserve.

HB171, Dyslexia Screening in Public Schools, sponsored by Rep. John Knotwell, would require schools to do dyslexia screening in public schools, hence helping dyslexic children early on. Unfortunately, it never made it out of the committee. It is sad that the legislative session, buried with debates on gun rights and healthcare, failed to address the dyslexic population who could be served with implementation of policies favorable to their growth and learning.

Diya Shah

Salt Lake City