Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
The Utah State Capitol, Monday, Jan. 23, 2012.

State Sen. Stephen Urquhart is on the right side of the debate and ought to be praised for his work. Here in Utah, tolerating and allowing discrimination to take place would be an error on the part of the Utah Legislature. Now that the proposed anti-discrimination legislation has passed through committee, the debate is in the hands of that very Legislature. Unfortunately, it seems likely that they will turn it down. Should this happen, they will be failing to represent our many neighbors, friends and family members who would be included under the new law. Nobody should be turned away from a job that they are qualified for or denied access to a home just because of their sexual orientation or identity of gender.

Utahns should be proud to teach their children certain ideas and values. Part of that education should include respect towards those of varying sexual orientations and to give them equality under the law, like anybody else. For those of us who feel strongly about the issue of equality, it is important to make clear that we are not seeking preferential treatment for those who aren't heterosexual. We only ask for the same treatment that other people currently receive.

Patrick K. Holman