Mitchell's Journey
On Saturday 10-year-old Mitchell Jones died from acute heart failure.

HERRIMAN — The family of Mitchell Jones announced funeral plans and released his obituary Monday. On Saturday the 10-year-old died from acute heart failure. His final journey on this Earth was followed by thousands of people through social media.

"It's easy to talk of God and life after death in Sunday school, but to come face to face with it is breathtaking," Mitchell's father, Chris Jones, wrote on the Facebook page Mitchell's Journey. He said the family is grateful to know there is life after death. "While there are many today who have abandoned belief in God, we stand resolute with an absolute knowledge of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ," he posted.

The Jones family said Mitchell will be buried in the Herriman Cemetery and invited close family, friends and neighbors to attend a viewing Friday evening. The funeral service will be held March 9 at the Herriman Utah Rose Canyon Stake Center at 11 a.m.

In his obituary, Mitchell's family said he "will always be remembered for his quiet dignity, gentle love of others, sense of humor, luck with board games, his love of life, adventure and family. Even though his body was weak, his spirit was quiet and strong and those that got to know him felt it."