A recent Deseret News editorial does not deal with facts — it deals with assumptions, projections and expectations ("Facing Highway Facts," Feb. 28). We live on a finite planet and in a finite valley with greatly deteriorating air quality. The more people, the more cars, the more houses, the more stacks — the more pollution.

The problem is growth itself. We must begin to discourage the rampant growth along the urban Wasatch Front. Let it happen elsewhere or, preferably, greatly slow down. The finiteness of the planet, atmosphere and its water and land resources mean we must move toward a more sustainable society and economy. If we do not begin to facilitate such a transformation, it will continue to happen chaotically, with great poverty, suffering, stress and other health consequences.

Unlimited growth is based on an 18th-century mindset — from a time when land, air and water appeared to be boundless. We are in a tightly bounded, very finite 21st century. Please do not plan for nor otherwise facilitate or encourage growth.

Joe Andrade

Salt Lake City