Pat Wellenbach, Associated Press
In this Sept. 20, 2011 file photo, a phone is held in a car in Brunswick, Maine.

The bill HB103, sponsored by Rep. Lee Perry, would let teens use cell phones for emergencies or to call parents. They should still pull off the road to a safe place before calling. I wrote an article several years ago as my 32-year-old grandson was hit by a young girl calling home to say she would be late. He cannot work, he cannot play with his two sons, he cannot dance or hold his wife and daughter. He lost his job and is a stay-at-home father.

Salt Lake should have one day when the paper has a photo of all those who have been killed or injured by those just calling home. One day it might come into the home of those who think it's safe.

We should have a bill like other states that no one — young or old — can phone or text while driving. Life is taken so quickly.

B.J. Baugh