Richard Davis's column, "Obama's voice reflects American values, future" was the most absurd opinion piece I have read in some time (Feb. 20). Davis' point seems to be that President Obama's proposals are not alien to American values but are instead quintessentially American. Sure, Obama can repeat his speechwriters' lofty phrases. But in reality, Obama, like many other progressive Democrat and Republican leaders, has pilloried the uniquely American constitutional principles of federalism, limited government, natural rights and separation of powers, considering them an impediment to progressive goals.

The progressive movement is antithetical to the values of Madison, Jefferson and Washington and violates the most important function of government — to protect the God-given rights of all citizens. Any honest and serious study of our founding documents and history will lead to the same conclusion — that many of President Obama's ideas are indeed alien to our Constitution and founding. I hope we can soon wake up from the long slumber of progressivism that has moved us toward European-style social democracy and embrace again the values our fathers held sacred: God, family, liberty, virtue and limited and frugal government actually subject to rule of law.

David N. Johnson