Once again our Legislature has decided to not enact mandatory seat belt legislation. Why? Because it is a driver's inherent right to elect to kill himself? Although completely illogical in its reasoning, so be it. Driving while talking or texting on a cellphone, however, has significantly greater consequences: you risk injuring or killing not only yourself but other drivers, pedestrians and even bicyclists.

Why should prohibitions end with teenagers? I have personally witnessed any number of "near misses" because drivers were using mobile phones while behind the wheel. We preach "no distracted driving" on one hand, while failing to enact serious measures to curb such driving for all motorists on the other. This, too, is not only illogical but potentially catastrophic for everyone who uses public roadways. Very seriously follow the counsel of law enforcement, who have facts upon which to base their unmovable position: Buckle up before driving and never use cellphones while operating a motor vehicle.

S. R. Provost Hon. Col. Emeritus Utah Highway Patrol