The editorial "Culture of can't" is so true (Feb. 23). As a newly elected member of the board of education in Salt Lake City, I can fully attest to your observations. Every time I walk into a school board meeting, I feel like I am going to a piñata party and I am the piñata. Close cousins to the "culture of can't" are "everyone else does it that way" and "that's the way we have always done it." I hear those two a lot when I question current policies and practices or ask for data.

There is no question that local school boards must wake up and assume their leadership roles more assertively and with greater dedication as guardians of educational excellence. It is time for local school boards to demonstrate leadership in what happens in the schools that have been entrusted to them and to become accountable for exerting the necessary leadership to achieve educational success for each and every student.

Michael Clára, Board Member, District 2

Salt Lake City