I'm a 23-year-old university student, LDS, and I am a lesbian. I consider myself extremely lucky to live in Salt Lake City, where I'm protected by the city's anti-discrimination clause, and I'm fortunate to attend a university and work for a company who are accepting of my orientation. But what will happen if I move to Orem or Layton? I will effectively be forced back into the closet for fear that my new employer or landlord won't be as accepting.

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I'm not asking people to accept my orientation or to validate my relationships. I'm not petitioning for Utah to lift its constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. I simply want to be protected from losing my job, or my home, while keeping my authenticity. There are many people like me. Maybe it's your son, or your daughter. Maybe its your best friend, or your neighbor. Maybe it's the quiet woman in your ward who sits by herself. Or maybe even your own employee or tenant. I am the same as you. It's time that I am treated with the same respect.

Ellen Koester

Salt Lake City