Tom Smart, Deseret News
I invite all Utah citizens to learn about what the Legislature and business leaders are doing and get involved. The Legislature has formed the Fiscal Sustainability Legislative Task Force and business and government leaders have started a movement called Financial Ready Utah, where you can get educated and take action.

Great article, Kent L. Thomas ("Preparing for a financial earthquake," Feb. 21). Should that same reasoning be at all levels of government? Even local governments? How about family fiscal planning? We depend too much on how things are now instead of doing some "what if" thinking.

Hats off to Utah's Legislature for thinking the "what if" scenario. What if national funds are cut off? What will happen to Utah's Medicaid payments, Hill Air Force Base civilian workers being furloughed, the end of public transportation assistance, a decrease in construction work ?— plus the economic multiplier effect trickling down to businesses and eventually to everybody in the state? Families (including welfare recipients) need to plan for a "financial earthquake" as well.

John D. Neil