The federal government will pay 100 percent for the first three years of the Medicaid expansion and 90 percent after that. Free money? The Feds only get what they take from taxpayers, so again it is another way to take from those who work hard and give to those who do not. I have rarely had insurance paid for by someone else, and have gone without other things to pay for it — more people need to step up and take responsibility for themselves.

Those poor people mostly have cellphones, cable TV, and so much more. Why should they work when we make it so easy for them to live off of others who do? If something is not done, there will be more and more people who will give up trying and just live off of the handouts by government, and then where will the money come from?

This is not free — those of us who work pay for it. The federal government also never just gives it — there is more intrusion into our lives and there are always lots of strings attached.

Pati Sorensen

Salt Lake City