LM Otero, Associated Press
A statue of a Boy Scout stands in front of the National Scouting Museum.

I cordially invite all who want Boy Scouts of America to welcome openly gay leaders and boys to do a few simple things. Get people everywhere to donate their hard-earned money, their precious time, talents and anything else to an organization called "Gay Scouts of America." Purchase land for camps. Develop your own handbooks. Build your own buildings. Pay your own full-time executives and recruit an army of volunteers who think like you do. Do the endless work that goes into running a nationwide volunteer organization for youth. Do this for the next 100 years like BSA has done.

But do it on your own dime and do it with complete transparency of exactly what ideology you are promoting and who you are, rather than hitchhiking on the success of BSA while simultaneously trying to change it to your liking.

Scott M. Soulier

South Jordan