West Jordan Police Department

My name is Jaron Fox, I am 12 years old and I live in South Jordan. Next year I am going to the new Herriman middle school for eighth grade, and since I live so close to the school, I will have to walk. The only crosswalk that there is is three blocks away from my neighborhood entrance, and once I cross it, I will have to go five blocks down to get to my new middle school. No one wants to go up that far to get to the crosswalk, so they just cross the road where it is really busy. This is what I wanted to write about.

I know some kids in my neighborhood have been hit by cars. I am suggesting that they make a new crosswalk or bridge that will lead to the other side of the road, because I don't want to worry about my siblings, my friends or myself getting hit by a car. Just one little crosswalk couldn't hurt. All you need to do is put up a stoplight or crossing guard to help kids like me get to school on time and safely. I don't want to hear about kids my age or older that got hit by a car and hear they will probably not be able to do the things they love to do for a long while. I hope someone will consider this for someone else's child to be safe.

Jaron Fox, age 12

South Jordan