We all know that Utah's schools are last in funding. Classes are so large that students receive little individual attention, and their education suffers. Our whole state would benefit from better schools, so even though I don't have children, I would be willing to pay higher income taxes.

This brings me to a genuine question for parents: You have a bigger stake in our schools than I do. Why do you want the state income tax deduction for children? It saves you $171 a year. Most families (not all, but most) could pay this by cutting out luxuries such as cable TV. I know that if I had children, I would rather forgo replacing my car for a few extra years if that meant my kids would get a better education.

So why do you want the deduction? Is it that you think our schools are already good enough? Or that you believe the money wouldn't lead to improvement? Is it that you didn't know that all of the income tax goes to schools? Or that you would rather have a few more luxuries in your life?

Steve Glaser