Lots of things are still very wrong with the U.S. economy, but this is one that should be getting more attention: Census figures for 2011 are expected to show the poverty rate jumping to its highest level since the 1960s.

Yet another "commission" to study poverty in Utah ("Lawmakers to tackle the question: Can the poverty cycle be halted in Utah?" Feb. 1)? Why don't we stop studying it and do something about it? More than one prominent national leader has offered simplistic solutions to resolve the "problem" besides throwing more study and money at it. Let me paraphrase their solutions which are specifically directed at poverty causes. Their counsel:

Get married before having children. Every child deserves a responsible father and responsible mother, if possible ... they are the best role models. Stay off drugs and out of trouble with the law. Graduate from high school and obtain a marketable skill. Get a job, any job, and work hard. Employers will love it and quickly reward you. Stay close to God.

I bet that any commission will conclude that these suggestions, or variations thereof, will resolve many of our poverty challenges.

Michael Robbins