Elaine Thompson, Associated Press

The next time a bicyclist whines about how bad motorists are about sharing the road with them, I'm going to swear. I go through the Cherry Hill interchange in the Farmington/Fruit Heights area on my way to and from work, and I can't tell you how many times a cyclist blows through a red light there. They also blow through the light on Farmington's Main Street and Sheperd Lane — even if it is a "T" intersection. And just yesterday afternoon on my way home from work a cyclist blazed through the stop sign on Mountain Road in Fruit Heights, without so much as a slow-down at all.

There may not have been much traffic, that's not the point. If I have to obey the laws of the road while driving my car, a bicyclist must do the same thing as the laws of the highway are the same for bikes and cars.

Mike Stewart