I read an article about kids playing outside ("Parents Want Their Kids Playing Outdoors," Feb. 8) and being from a family that has spent much time outdoors, I wanted to share my views on it. I am 13 and I have a kid's opinion to share about playing outside the house. I am disappointed that in the making of this news article, there was no consideration for what kids thought, which is why I am now writing this letter.

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My family does not have video games and does not have very many technological devices. Because of this, I spend many hours outside. I understand that not all families are like mine, though. When looking at the average family, much more technology is typical. I believe this is a major reason for less time spent outside.

My family has always enjoyed camping, fishing, picnics, bike rides and playing in the yard and at parks. I have a love of nature because of frequent outdoor activity. I believe that the best thing to get kids to love playing outside is to show them how cool it is outdoors by bringing them to parks and other outdoor recreation and limiting technology.

Zachary Samuel Smith