Bret Webster
Mesa Arch with a rainbow in Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah.

On Tuesday, Sen. Jim Dabakis introduced a joint resolution regarding the protection of Greater Canyonlands. I am overjoyed and grateful for this. I have long loved the Greater Canyonlands area for its incredible, singular beauty. The wild, unspoiled expanses have lifted me up over the years as I have found quiet, solitude and profound peace within the canyon walls and atop the soaring mesas. It has been an unsurpassed pleasure to introduce this special place to my children, family members, friends and youth groups. All have left with a deep appreciation for one of the Earth's last best places.

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This is a place worth protecting. There is enormous pressure to alter its wilderness character by rapid industrial development. This would destroy world-class scenery, important watersheds and endangered species habitat and decimate a tourism and recreation industry that provides billions of dollars annually to Utah. More importantly, it would deny us and our posterity the chance to enjoy these amazing lands that are a part of our heritage. I strongly support Senator Dabakis' joint resolution urging the protection of Greater Canyonlands. I want to know it is preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come. For the sake of those to follow us, and in honor of those who preceded us, I hope all Utahns will join me.

Mike Abdo