Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
Cedar Mountain Wilderness area south of Delle, Utah.

I respectfully disagree with David Rasmussen's assumptions that Utah land transfers from the federal government to the state of Utah would be a financial disaster for the state of Utah based upon some 1969 thinking ("Sale of public lands," Feb. 1). Rasmussen seems to forget that Utah is the very best fiscally managed state in the entire country. We are also the lowest-cost state in the delivery of health care and we would be a lot better off educationally if those lands were returned to the state of Utah.

Utahns are not about to mismanage public lands. We appreciate the outdoors too much. Bar none, this is the greatest state on the planet, run by fiscally and environmentally responsible elected officials, which is more than I can say about the federal morass we have today. We are fiercely independent and don't need transplanted Easterners nor Eastern-based congressmen dictating how our lands are managed.

Frank Overfelt

Cottonwood Heights