When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton replied to the congressional committee inquiries about the president and the State Department's misleading answers to questions about the Benghazi attacks, she invoked a misleading reasoning: "What difference does it make?"

She intentionally ignores important facts. It makes a very big difference when the president's leading answers are toward some privately made film being the cause of the uprising, and it makes a big difference to the families of the four Americans killed in the attacks, or to the concerns of all Americans that their government just doesn't care! Or that Obama didn't want the truth known because it would affect his being re-elected. Or it is greatly important to all of us citizens to know that our government tells us the truth all of the time.

We don't want to see our secretary of state simply shrugging her shoulders in front of that very important congressional committee and suggesting, "What difference does it make?"

It makes a big difference to all of us, Madam Secretary, and with all of your experiences in serving your constituents, I am sure you know better. I certainly hope so!

Needra J. Johnson