Winner: John and Ann Betar of Fairfield, Conn., told reporters this week that their grandchildren and great-grandchildren are what keep them alive. The Betars have been married more than 80 years. The Christian marriage group Worldwide Marriage Encounter honored them as America's longest married couple, although the group admits there may be couples out there who have been hitched longer. Still, what the Betars had to say about their long time together was instructive. "We just live with contentment and we don't live beyond our means," John said. Sounds like great advice in a world where the accumulation of stuff seems to be the overriding goal for many people.

Loser: About 300 high school students received letters last month telling them they were being offered full scholarships to Utah Valley University because of their stellar academic performance, but the letters were sent in error. Officials blame a clerical error that considered only ACT scores and not grade point averages. The school has waived deadlines for these students to apply for other scholarships. That probably won't make up for the shock they felt at receiving the follow-up letter telling them the first letter was in error.

Loser: A hacker got into Bush family computer accounts recently, stealing emails, photos, telephone numbers and addresses of the two former presidents' families and their friends, according to The Associated Press. Photos of the first President Bush, purportedly taken during a recent hospital stay, were published on the Smoking Gun website. Family members aren't saying much, but this incident underscores how vulnerable private information is in this age.