Ben Brewer, Deseret News
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, speaks with Ken Ivory, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz of New Mexico — er, Utah — took the stage at the 69th Annual Congressional Dinner Wednesday, telling jokes that led Comedy Central to suggest that "the funniest member of Congress may be a conservative Mormon Republican from Utah. No joke."

In his remarks, Chaffetz said that he was a little nervous to be a featured speaker, but joked that his appearance at the event was because the Republican Party is trying to highlight the diversity of the party.

"They sent me — a white, male, conservative Mormon from Utah to speak to you tonight. It's actually the only base and the only constituency we have at this point," he said.

Chaffetz also joked about the dinner organizers inviting him to save money on alcohol, touched on the DUI arrest of Sen. Michael Crapo, R-Idaho, and his "only wife" Julie.

Other jokes included:

"The only advantage to being a Republican in this town is that you get to park in the handicapped spaces."

"I don't know why the approval rating for the United States Congress is so bad — we haven't done anything."

"You've got to understand that we're dealing with a party whose Hollywood sex symbol is Pat Sajak."

"I'm told that Django Unchained is not a dramatization of Ron Paul's newsletters."

"Life of Pi is not a biography of Gov. Chris Christie."