Jacqueline Larma, Associated Press

I read in the news that the U.S. Postal Service will cut Saturday mail to trim costs come August 2013 ("Postal Service to cut Saturday mail to trim costs," Feb. 6). As a long time "snail-mailer," I hate to see postal deliveries end on Saturdays. However, I am a realist: the USPS is in a money-crunch. I truly believe that if they'd cut upper-management waste and foolish sponsorships of dubious commercials, I think they would turn a small profit.

If they need to park postal Jeeps and reduce labor costs, I'd prefer they would end deliveries on Saturdays and Mondays (most federal holidays are on Mondays) and a lot of holiday pay would thus be saved. Plus, I'd impose a $5 fee on any commercial junk mail on for-profit businesses. That would reduce the clutter in my mailbox, the landfill and it would keep the Postal Service solvent for essential items such as jury duty notices.

Not everyone has a computer. The Post Office must be saved.

James A. Marples