What's with the snow removal this year? It seems almost non-existent in the unincorporated Salt Lake County. Not only has our street not been plowed for the last two snowstorms, but major roads like 3300 South have also been neglected. Monday morning, hours after the snow had ceased and as commuters headed for work, 3300 South was still unplowed and unsalted, while cars and a big rig struggled to drive through the snow. After the first large storm, a snow removal truck passed down our street, without plowing, but dropping salt on 24 inches of snow in 9 degree weather.

When they did plow our neighborhood, after numerous telephone calls, it was a disaster. Large piles of snow were left where streets intersect and only one side of the street was plowed. We remember the days when we could count on our side streets to be plowed quickly and well, no matter the size of the storm. Now we just get excuses.

Our Salt Lake County taxes just went up and our services have gone down. Sounds about right. Let's let the county public works know of our frustration.

Dan and Christine Balderas

Canyon Rim/Millcreek Township