So the Sundance Film Festival has come and gone. To be honest, I never pay it much attention. I did read however, the article in Friday's paper ("Pundits debate merits of films' sexual content," Feb. 1) detailing how much of what is being featured is increasingly sexually explicit and degrading. Not only did various advocacy groups take note, but even liberal media sources raised eyebrows at this year's coarse fare, dubbing the festival "Porndance."

In response to the fervor, Robert Redford casually dismissed such criticism, saying, "Sometimes the loudest barks come from the narrowest minds." A pithy and clever one-liner to be sure, unfortunately it fails to address the serious question of whether the publicly funded festival is supporting sexually explicit films. I'm not overly thrilled at the idea of my tax dollars financing poorly disguised pornography and assume most residents of the state feel the same.

As for clever one-liners, here's back at you Mr. Redford: it never fails to amaze me how minds like yours which are so open lack room for things like decency, dignity, and self respect.

Matt Christiansen

Pleasant Grove