Michael DeGroote's article "Taken for a ride?" published Jan. 29 is an important consumer issue Budget Van Lines Inc. (BVL) takes seriously. Please note:

BVL is a household goods moving broker licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our website and written estimates clearly explain BVL's role as a broker. As with any contract, people should take time to read and understand what they are signing. BVL helps people save time and money brokering moves, but those who don't want to work with a broker can decline BVL's services prior to accepting the estimate.

BVL's affiliate carriers must be insured and licensed by the FMCSA. Even though Joyce Gonzalez's carrier was insured and licensed, it were dropped by BVL for inadequate performance.

BVL was the only broker cooperative with the Senate Committee's investigation and the only one to testify before the committee. Budget also is the only broker participating in the FMCSA's moving fraud workgroup.

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BVL has done business under the same name since 2005 and has been licensed by the FMCSA and in good standing at all times. Rogue brokers operate under different entities and names to confuse and mislead consumers. BVL goes beyond regulatory requirements to protect consumers.

Ms. Gonzalez's experience was unfortunate and should not have happened. Her carrier was terminated from BVL's network. In the course of brokering tens of thousands of moves, there have been problems and bad experiences, but BVL continues to work hard to improve its service.

Jason Romrell, President and General Counsel

Budget Van Lines Inc.