Rep. Kay McIff's proposed HB68 is another attempt to get around the Utah Supreme Court's ruling that we have a constitutional right to access public streams. Our legislators are screaming for the government to get out of our lives, to follow the Constitution, but on a state level they do the opposite. HB68 limits the public's constitutionally given right to use public water and public fish that we paid for with our taxes and license fees and gives private property owners exclusive rights to these.

The Utah Stream Access Coalition has proposed a compromise that follows Idaho law. It protects private land owners but also protects the public right to access the public water. It has proven it works. It will cut the expense of going to court over this issue. Instead of spending tax dollars giving extra benefits to a few wealthy land owners, we can support the Idaho law and use these tax dollars for something worthwhile such as education.

If you fish or run rivers and believe in freedom, our state constitution and minimizing government interference, please get involved and contact your state legislators and urge them to vote against HB68 and adopt the USAC proposal.

Gary Nichols

West Jordan