Only a few years ago, the state Legislature passed a bill reducing sales taxes on food. This reduction was meant to be a help to our elder citizens living on Social Security benefits and low-income folks.

A tax on basic food staples is an onerous burden on an already overburdened class of folks who struggle daily to pay for medicine, housing, medical attention and yes, food.

Now, Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, is getting ready to propose that the sales tax on food be raised back to its original level, or perhaps even higher. This proposal is unfair and hurtful to our elderly and low-income citizens.

The average income for Social Security beneficiaries is a mere $13,000 per year for an individual and is well below the federally mandated poverty level for which people are considered for help from government agencies. From this income, these people must pay for their housing, utilities, medicine, food, transportation and any emergency that might arise.

I urge all citizens who are concerned about the well-being of their elderly and low-income relatives, friends and neighbors to contact your state representatives and senators and ask them to oppose this proposed tax increase.

Garey L. Bearden