Jacquelyn Martin, Associated Press

Every tax-paying citizen must wonder what is going on, when we are in such a mess with the financial situation in America. I have the answer to the dilemma.

There are, we are told, 70 million citizens who pay no income tax. Well, I am one of those. So is my wife. Yes, we are both retired, and because of the federal income tax regulations, we pay no income tax. How nice that might seem, but in the meantime, our U.S.A. is going broke and in massive debt.

Everyone should pay some income tax, even if they are receiving Social Security or on a pension. Now if my wife and I were to pay even $25 per month ($300) per year, and the rest of the 70 million untaxed citizens were to do the same, it would ring in some $21 trillion ($300 times 70 million), paying off the known portion of the national debt in just one year.

Surely we who are still receiving the services and benefits of the U.S. government can do this. We owe it not only to ourselves, but to our children as well.

Verle Daniel Solt

West Valley City