I was impressed with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's acceptance of responsibility for security issues in the Benghazi attack in which four members of that mission were killed by terrorists ("Defiant Clinton Defends Actions," Jan. 23). She was thoroughly prepared and her defense was intelligent and bold in the face of harsh attacks from GOP critics. She said she has issued directives to correct any deficiencies found by an independent committee. She also said that at least 20 embassies are in similarly vulnerable positions due, in part, to the fact that the U.S. House has consistently underfunded security for the State Department by hundreds of millions. Can any secretary of state under any president promise that such attacks will never happen again?

Obviously, her critics want to destroy her, Susan Rice and President Obama over this issue while ignoring the GOP's strong support of the Iraqi War, which cost 4,500 dead and 32,000 wounded. By the way, the "weapons of mass destruction" were never found. That war, which was mistakenly entered into by President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and the neocons, proved to be a huge fiasco. I am still waiting for Bush and Cheney to apologize for their roles in instigating that war.

Grant J. Hansen

St. George