I'm certain it's good news for investors that the S&P 500 has had the longest winning streak since 2004. However, it's questionable if the stock market will continue to do that well. Because the alternatives to investing in stocks, usually real estate or in a savings account are not attractive now, investors have no other option but the stock market.

Years ago, a senior citizen could save at a bank and depend on 6 percent or 8 percent annual interest on his savings, federally guaranteed. But today, because of the drop in real estate values and interest rates of only a few percentage points, there are no other viable investments other than the stock market. It's sad when one must 'risk' his financial future in the stock market to stay even with inflation. I look forward to the time when there will be incentives to save money in an insured savings account again — if that time ever comes again.

Darlene Bennett

Salt Lake City