Jason Olson,
FOR SERIES ON ST. GEORGE GROWTH -- Exterior of the new Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George Thursday, February 16, 2006. Photo by Jason Olson

An example of why citizens become disgusted with government regulators: for several months, the inpatient pharmacy at Dixie Regional Medical Center, due to its unique equipment and training, provided a St. George resident with a special steroid eye drop compound to stabilize and heal a delicate cornea transplant. The inpatient pharmacy mixed the eye drop weekly, and the patient gratefully picked it up from the hospital's outpatient pharmacy.

But then, the regulators arrived at the hospital. They absurdly insisted that it is illegal for the hospital's inpatient pharmacy to mix a compound, which is subsequently dispensed by that hospital's outpatient pharmacy.

It must be stopped, or the outpatient pharmacy is breaking the law.

Don Miller

St. George