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Blank tax forms are seen at an H&R Block in Rockville, Md., on Friday, Jan. 6, 2012.

Sam Wyrouck makes the wrong argument in deriding the rich for wanting to avoid a tax increase by saying they merely want a 44-foot yacht instead of a 40-foot yacht ("A 44-foot yacht needed?" Jan. 13).

He assumes that buying expensive toys are all that the rich are concerned about. Many of the rich generously give to charity, expand businesses, create jobs and do other worthwhile things with their money.

Giving more in taxes would be easier if the politicians spent our money on worthwhile priorities. The tax increase levied as part of the "fiscal cliff" deal helped give tax breaks to distillers ($222 million), NASCAR track owners ($78 million), Hollywood producers ($430 million), wind energy producers ($12 billion) and similar pork.

Greg Rampton

American Fork