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Lance Armstrong could be returning some of his sponsorship money to the U.S. Postal Service.


In the Department of Bad Calls comes this: ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos mistook a legendary basketball player for an actor.

No, it wasn't the late Chuck Connors.

During Monday's inaugural address broadcast, Stephanopoulos said, "That's Morgan Freeman, I think, right there on the Capitol steps."

Turned out it was Hall of Famer Bill Russell, wearing a Celtics cap.

Though Stephanopolous corrected the mistake, you have to wonder about his credibility. Isn't this also the guy who mistook Bill Clinton for the next Abraham Lincoln?


Manti Te'o got caught up in a girlfriend hoax. Lance Armstrong confessed.

What a mess.

On the bright side, last week was truly performance enhancing for Rock On.

He can't make up this stuff.

Reports say Te'o will clear the air by telling his story to Katie Couric. Meanwhile, relatives of the man accused of setting up the hoax say he too might make a public statement.

Now some websites are claiming Te'o was recently dating a real girlfriend, with a real name.

Please make it so. Maybe then the media can just get back to covering real stories with real news.


Online humorist Left Coast Sports Babe: "And just last week we thought the most embarrassing thing to happen to Notre Dame football this year would be their performance against Alabama."


BYU welcomed 1,100 elementary school students to "Sports Heroes Day" last Thursday. Activities ranged from practicing passes with the volleyball teams to doing pushups with the football team.

It also happened to be the day Armstrong admitted to PED cheating and the whole Te'o story peaked.

Officials say to avoid controversy, next year they expect to switch over to "Food Services Heroes Day."


Armstrong could be returning some of his sponsorship money to the U.S. Postal Service.

Rock On sources say the USPS plans to use the windfall to expand its wildly popular line of "Pioneers of Industry" design mugs.


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University of Utah receivers coach Aaron Roderick has a nice resume, having worked at Washington, BYU and Utah.

Well, sort of.

Last week he accepted a position at BYU, only to change his mind and stay at Utah. Two years earlier, he did something similar with Washington.

Still, indecision and second-guessing aren't necessarily bad things.

They can always lead to a career in politics.


Game show icon Ken Jennings, tweeting on Armstrong's image problems:

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