It amazes me how hard it is for an individual who is interested in knowing what is going on in our government to find bills that our government has passed.

Finally, after about an hour of searching, I found the web page. The bill I was searching for was the "fiscal cliff" bill; I finally found out it is called Senate Bill HR 8.

I took about three hours to read the whole thing. Now, I am not ignorant, nor do I have an issue with understanding the written word. I have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice; I am also a Licensed Practical Nurse, and have several other accomplishments. It is a very confusing document.

I am sure that our elected officials would have no trouble understanding the document, but three minutes to read, understand and then vote on any bill seems ridiculous to me.

Given what is now coming to light, maybe they should have halted the vote and taken the time to thoroughly read the bill.

You can look to the Sandy storm aid bill to find another example of this. It is sad to say that the "working "class did not benefit from this bill. It appears that those who did benefit are being rewarded for services rendered. It is ridiculous that bills are so full of loopholes for things that don't even have anything to do with the bill that they become another burden on the taxpayer "working class".

Now legislators want to pass a bill to help Sandy victims — which is a good idea. But we have no money in the bank. So where are these legislators going to get the money to do this great deed? They'll take it out of the loopholes in HR 8.

At some point these legislators need to realize we are broke; the working class cannot afford to pay this debt. They can add to the so-called tax burden of the "rich" but they only have so much money that they are going to give back. One thing that legislators seem to have forgotten in their rush to tax the rich is most of those rich are small business owners. They didn't get to be successful by eating the costs to run their business.

It does not matter how Washington slices or dices this new bill — the working class will pay for it, just as we always have. So it is time for them to suck it up, and cut down on spending. They should not raise the debt ceiling again. Our government needs to learn how to live within its means. It needs to start learning to be embarrassed if it has to tell countries that it cannot continue to subsidize them. It needs to be regretful but firm that grants and subsidies for foreign students are gone, and that subsidies to study in foreign countries are gone.

There are a lot of places our lawmakers can start, but start they must.

Barbara L JolleyMumm is a licensed practical nurse from Garrison.