Paul Morigi,
Members of the activist group Avaaz protest an NRA press conference with a likeness of NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre Jr., calling on NRA affiliates like Days Inn and Super 8 to get "out of bed" with the gun lobby, outside the Willard Hotel in Washington, Friday, Dec. 21. 2012.

It seems the NRA's argument in the debate over gun-related violence is to have more guns. Having previously opposed federal involvement in Second Amendment issues, it now wants armed guards in all schools nationally. I assume that would require federal legislation.

This reminds me of the Cold War assertion that the only way to defend against the bad guys' nukes was to have more of your own.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre may think mutually assured destruction is a fine argument for deterrence, but I doubt Dr. Strangelove will sway the nation.

Rick Lyons

Tucson, Ariz.