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In this Nov. 4, 2012 photo, traditional healer Hakki Hassan poses for a picture in front of his home in Moussoro, Chad.

Historically on Boxing Day (now held on Dec. 26), many in England distributed gifts to friends and family. Now, we are in a diverse world.

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In Texas, Cody Wilson and his colleagues continued to perfect the three-dimensional printing production of key parts for an AR-15 rifle ("Click, print, shoot: Downloadable weapons cause anxiety for gun foes," Dec. 26). In Chad, Hakki Hassan and others continue to treat malnourished children using a three-dimensional screwdriver to remove teeth and uvulas ("Traditions in Chad harm, kill malnourished children," Dec. 26). High and low-tech approaches to different problems

Ideally, every day should be like Boxing Day. However, sanity cannot be boxed and given to Wilson or Hassan.

William Gronberg