Paul Morigi,
Members of the activist group Avaaz protest an NRA press conference with a likeness of NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre Jr., calling on NRA affiliates like Days Inn and Super 8 to get "out of bed" with the gun lobby, outside the Willard Hotel in Washington, Friday, Dec. 21. 2012.

Why do we wait to talk about gun violence until a school or movie theater is shot up?

If gun rights activists and those favoring more gun control actually cared, they wouldn't wait until people were killed to bring up their opinion. If you truly have an opinion on guns, don't let it go unnoticed before giving it with 10,000 other people once there's been a shooting. It sounds like you only care once someone is dead.

Who knows? Maybe if you share your opinion sooner, it could actually change a law or make some other difference in your town — possibly saving hundreds of victims.

Emily Kimball

South Jordan