Patrick Semansky, Associated Press

I was intrigued by the Nov. 8 comment of Roland Kayser suggesting that the GOP needs to rethink their message if they're ever going to make it back to the White House (Rethink GOP message, Readers' Forum). What the GOP needs to do is to come up with a freebie that the Democrats haven't already offered.

I recall a story about a fifth-grade teacher who wanted to teach the democratic process to her students and decided to have the students run for class president.

Two students quickly raised their hands and were selected as candidates. As part of that learning process the teacher decided each should give a campaign speech.

First, the little boy got up and waxed eloquently concerning the student's responsibility to their parents and to the teacher and to themselves to study hard and get a good education.

After the applause, the little girl stood up and said that if she won, everyone would get an ice cream cone. The election was held and, of course, the little girl won hands down.

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What the GOP needs to do is to find an "ice cream cone" that the Democrats don't already have covered. The electorate apparently doesn't want to hear about fiscal and social responsibility or about what the Founding Fathers intended.

But back to the 5th Grade election: After the speeches, the teacher asked the little girl how she was going to pay for all the ice cream cones. As I recall, the little girl responded, "I don't know."

At that point the U.S. becomes the Greece of the Western Hemisphere.

Paul Bons