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In this March 3, 2010 file photo, Greg Dement, left, is handed a Starbucks coffee drink as he sits with a handgun strapped to his belt while looking on at an anti-gun rally in Seattle.

There seems to be a lot of emotional calls for gun control in the wake of the school shootings, but it won't solve anything.

People who are obsessed or insane enough to do that will find a way. Criminals do not obey laws and can always find whatever weapons they choose through illegal sources.

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The only people gun control affects are the law-abiding citizens. People should have the right and option to defend themselves and their families from attack by criminals and also to be ready to defend our country from terrorism and tyranny both foreign and domestic.

It has been needed before and maybe will again in the future. There is a Latin phrase that says, "SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM" — if you want peace, prepare for war. That type of thinking kept the Cold War cold. That same idea works clear down to the local level: the more risky it is, the less likely it will happen. It won't stop crime, nothing will, but it will most certainly slow it down.

Thomas Tischner

Salt Lake City