Mike Terry, Deseret News

Recently my family and I were crossing Main Street, at the mid-block crossing between South Temple and 100 South. It was a very hectic and crowded evening with people taking in the events of the Christmas season. When the light turned green, there was a crowd of people, some hurrying, some holding their children's hands to safely get them across and some taking their time looking at the sites and talking to each other.

There was a group on the right side of the crowd that had stopped in the middle of the street. Not knowing that the group had noticed a Trax train approaching, I started pushing my granddaughter in the back to try to get across before the light turned red. Luckily my daughter grabbed her by the arm before I pushed her in front of the train.

While Trax has maybe helped with transportation around town, it has also made it more dangerous. How come if a light turns green for people to cross a street, it doesn't give them enough time to get across, and they need to stop in the middle of the street to wait for a Trax train to pass?

William Gillett