As technology grows and becomes more predominant in today's society, so too grows the time people spend in front of a screen. Educational video games are being designed for preschool- and kindergarten-age children to help them learn basic academic principles.

My fear is that in a parent's pursuit to start educating their children early, children are missing out on important social skills that are learned by interacting with other people. Children are becoming more focused on the screens than what is happening around them.

Also, due to the constant stimuli created by games, it can become hard to focus on important information not learned from a screen. Many children and teenagers are easily distracted and can have a hard time focusing on an assignment that needs to be done.

Children can also have a hard time remembering everything they have learned because they do not have an experience to relate it to or it is pushed out of mind by video games. Some skills simply cannot be learned from a screen.

I am not trying to say that these educational video games are bad. They are a great way to reinforce ideas and teach academic principles. I want people to be able to recognize the short comings of them to make sure that their children have enough time away from a screen to interact with other children and gain knowledge through their own experiences.

Ashley Brewer

West Jordan