Much is being said about our federal government being too big and that we should cut programs and benefits to get our national budget back in balance.

Could it be that we have too much government instead? We have the federal, state, county, city, water boards, school boards, etc. All these governments are tax supported.

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Why do we in Salt Lake County need four school boards? If our federal defense budget is cut and there is talk of Hill Air Force Base being shut down (which I hope it will not), our Washington delegation will surely fight it. Why? Because it will be disastrous for the Utah economy.

So where can we cut spending? There is no easy solution for that. All I know is it is not cheap to live in the United States with all the forms of government we have to support. I am not aware of any country where its citizens will have to pay federal income tax as well as state income tax. We really pay our price.

Albertus Van Dyk